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True Strength

In this inspiring memoir, the star of Hercules shares the story of the sudden aneurysm and multiple strokes that left him incapacitated--but ultimately redefined his definition of success.

On television, Kevin Sorbo portrayed an invincible demigod; in his real life, an aneurysm caused strokes that left him partially blind and incapacitated at just thirty-eight years old. Yet since appearances are everything in Hollywood, he hid the full details about his condition from the press and continued to film Hercules, which was the number one TV series in the world.

True Strength is the story of transformation, persistence, and hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Sorbo reflects on his childhood in Minnesota and his early acting days in Hollywood, to his charmed life as television's beloved Hercules, and where he is today. He recounts the onset of his symptoms, his frightening hospitalization, and his arduous path to recovery. With this honest account of personal tragedy and triumph, Sorbo aims to blaze a trail for those who have ever suffered acute illness or a serious setback in life and are now struggling to find their way back.

True Faith: Embracing Adversity to Live in God's Light

Marriage, Movies, and Miracles. Oh, my! Marriage is a dance (even when you step on each other's toes), and movies are minefields of problems and politics, but miracles are more common than you might believe. Kevin and Sam show that if you keep your feet moving and your hearts focused on God's divine rhythm, you can discover successes you might never imagine.

All it takes is a little faith. On Television and in film, Kevin has portrayed demi-gods and evil professors, while in his private life, he's battled his fair share of demons - the three strokes that left him nearly paralyzed and still partially blind. He credits his wife's "tough love" encouragement; nauseating, relentless optimism; and tireless, constant nagging for pulling him through some of the worst episodes in his recovery. Getting married to a fundamentally debilitated "Hercules" was something Sam never shied away from. In Kevin, she recognized the love of her life and determined to see him through thick and thin. The phrase goes, "for better or for worse," and Kevin often says, "She got the 'worse' part out of the way first!" Sam had confidence that Kevin would recover and thrive, and she put action to her faith. In their third year of married life, once doubt about Kevin's full recovery was laid aside, the near-newly-weds determined to build their family. That was going to be yet another trial for them to endure and conquer.

They both credit their faith in God for pulling them through the tough times, and laying the foundation for their joy. That is how they came to make movies as a team. Christ said, "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:33) Throughout True Faith, the Sorbos personify this verse as they embrace the struggles they meet and use their faith to bolster their responses. Be uplifted and inspired as you join Sam and Kevin on a journey through trials and triumphs, a couple of faithful Christians who work together, learn together, grieve together, and live life as Christ advocates: abundantly.

Share the Light: 40 World-Changing Devotions

Make a Difference in Your World!

Jesus spoke in parables, stories to teach truths with profound meaning. Good stories can move us and affect our thoughts. Thoughts compel action, and actions change the world.

After the success of the theatrical release of their movie Let There Be Light, Sam and Kevin Sorbo now present a devotional follow-up that takes a deeper dive into themes from the movie, including family, fatherhood, atheism, faith, forgiveness, grief, and redemption. Share the Light combines references to the movie’s story, Scriptures, devotions, questions for reflection and discussion, and forty challenges that inspire action to change the world for the better.

When we serve others, give our time and resources, and invest emotionally in the welfare of others, we are profoundly affected, improved, even. You can change the world, for one person or for many, and be transformed yourself as well.

We all possess strengths we may not realize until they are needed. Hear the call to make a difference and share God’s light

The Test of Lionhood

The Test of Lionhood is a Christian children's book written by Kevin Sorbo

BRAVE Books has partnered with renowned actor, Kevin Sorbo, to write The Test of Lionhood, a Christian children's book that teaches kids about masculinity. Sorbo is well-known for standing up for his Christian, Conservative beliefs in Hollywood. His latest movie release, "Miracle in East Texas," is coming to theaters October 29, 2023.

In every BRAVE Book, BRAVE partners with people of moral integrity, like Kevin Sorbo, to teach complex Christian and Conservative values.

In Kevin Sorbo's book The Test of Lionhood, follow along as Lucas's sister, Chloe, gets poisoned by the night-scorch thorns. It's all up to Lucas to save the day. Many obstacles stand in his path, but when a legendary lion shows up, Lucas's world changes. Join Lucas as he learns what it means to be a real lion through lessons like bravery and perseverance. Then, complete the BRAVE Challenge at the end of the book.

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